Khrystyna Kvyk


Khrystyna Kvyk

I am the artist from Lviv (Ukraine), graduate of the Lviv National Academy of arts, the representative of contemporary Ukrainian iconography and sacral art, the participant of a large number of international artistic workshops, residences, exhibitions and other projects. Reviving and developing the Ukrainian iconography, based on Eastern tradition, reflecting on Christian consepts, I look for new forms of classical subjects of sacral art. As a contemporary artist I convey the ideas of Christianity reinterpreted in philosophical perception to contemporary viewers. I am also reflecting about the problem of the spirituality of contemporary human and modern society. I search for inspiration and visual language in ancient Byzantine iconography, delve into various creative practices both contemporary and ancient. I try to discard less important elements to focus on the essence. I feel free in experimenting with color combinations, using different means of expression. I look for a new sound that could emphasize the content of a particular work. In the coloristic, as well as compositional direction for the interpretation of theological ideas, I combine borrowings from the classical icon with my own visual interpretation.




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